We offer a range of weed control options to fit most every budget.


For those that can afford Weed & Feed it works great! One acre of land is 43,560 square feet where a large bag of Weed & Feed covers 12,000 square feet at roughly $65 per bag. That’s 4 bags to cover an acre with a rough total of $260 for Weed & Feed without the cost of spreading it.


As you can see while using Weed & Feed is a great option it’s expensive and certainly isn’t within the budget of everyone.


We offer alternatives including spot spraying of weeds, fence lines, and spraying the entire lawn with weed killers that don’t harm the grass.


After the weeds have been managed, we come back with a general fertilizer that’s roughly $30 per bag. For an acre of land 43,560 square feet, it would require 6 bags a rough total of $180 without the cost of spreading.


Spreading on one-acre averages around $20 depending on terrain.


As you can see, we have both the knowledge and capability to design a weed control program that fits your budget and suits your needs.


Ask us today about an estimate for weed control and/or fertilization.