Are you new to the industry?

No! We operated from 2008 till 2019 under the brand Lawn Care With Care serving Polk County, Trinity County, and Tyler County. We closed in 2020 after a back injury and difficulties created by COVID.


Why the new name?

After being closed for three years it seemed appropriate to start fresh with a new brand.


What’s your experience?

I’ve been doing lawn care non-professionally since I was old enough to ride the mower on dad’s lap as a child. As a teen I was finally big enough to handle a gas trimmer and as time progressed, I had several jobs working for other companies doing lawn care professionally mostly working on commercial contracts maintaining the landscaping for refineries, farms, and other businesses. Professionally I have 30 years’ experience in everything from mowing, trimming, edging, fertilization, weed control, fence line management, etc. I also have 25 years of experience in equipment operation in everything from small landscaping tractors to larger construction level equipment.


As the owner of the company, I am also a certified small engine master technician with access to purchase all my equipment parts at wholesale price which allows me to pass the savings in operational costs on to the customer through better pricing.


I love cutting grass whether it’s your yard or mine and have high standards of service I expect from myself and my employees.


What equipment do you use, are you a commercial business or just a guy that owns a mower?

When I started in 2008 with just a 22” Bolens push mower we have come a long way since then. We use Stihl brand commercial gas trimmers and blowers and commercial grade zero turn mowers.


Why should I choose your service over everyone else?

Overall customer satisfaction is based on our service quality. You’re the customer, that makes you the most important part of our business. When you hire us to maintain your lawn your satisfaction is our top priority that’s why we have policies in place to maintain satisfaction including but not limited to…


If we miss something say something, we always want the job done right. Never hesitate to pull one of us aside and bring something to our attention.


We prohibit our employees from using tobacco products, vape products, swear words, and other unsightly behavior on the job.


We always go above and beyond for our customers.