What is lawn aeration and why is it important?

The best simplified answer is this. Over time soil becomes compacted which makes it more difficult for Nutrients, oxygen, and water to get into the soil. Sure these things still make it into the soil but it isn’t absorbed as well and this leads to grass roots growing more shallow than you want. Shallow roots makes it easier to damage your lawn with a mower tire turning, easier for the sun to damage roots and kill sections of grass in your yard, and allows root to freeze easier in cold weather making it take longer in spring for your grass to come back.


Lawn aeration helps by poking thousands of tiny holes in the ground allowing nutrients, oxygen, and water to be better absorbed into the soil which stimulates root growth, stronger roots equals stronger grass and stronger grass equals a better looking lawn.


This sounds like an expensive process is it?

Heck no! In most cases lawn aeration is equal to or cheaper than the price of your normal grass cut.


Can you aerate my lawn for me even though I cut my own grass?

Yes we can and we don’t charge extra just because you’re not a grass cut customer.


So over all what am I looking at price wise?

Each lawn and aeration requirement is unique and we build a plan and estimate around your needs to ensure you only pay for what you need. Call us for a FREE estimate!